Nature enters the home with the 2021 color shades

Last year has introduced cardinal changes to all of our lives, making us rearrange our daily life, learn many new things and rethink our true values. For the majority of people the home has now become a place where we work, where we spend evenings among our family or pass lazy Saturday mornings. 

This new “normal” has also been noted by designers and interior experts in choosing the year’s colors. For the designer’s recommendations to flawless changes, the shade combinations of this year and ideas for the interior of a new home, see the article below!

Flawless combinations

The basic principle of the architect and designer Anda Ozoliņa is not to overcomplicate things. The interiors she creates are warm, cozy and natural. In planning interior changes, the designer recommends to primarily take into account the function of the room: select peaceful shades for living rooms and bedrooms.

Any color – be it gray, green, blue or yellow – has a wide selection of shades available, and in creating the interior of your house Anda Ozoliņa always recommends choosing a more peaceful pastel shade. This choice will not fail even if the color is highly specific. Bright base shades can soon become annoying, they are harder to match with furniture, accessories and design objects, therefore bolder experiments should be reserved for public places where people don’t spend as much time.

The three directions of Anda Ozoliņa for creating design:

  1. Organic modern — peaceful and calm grayish, beige-ish shades both for walls and for accessories. This trend is here to last. These colors most frequently are chosen for private homes, summer homes and SPA hotels.
  2. Contrasting shades — green with pink, blue with red or black with white. Bold combinations will demand matching other details as well, but walls painted in this way create a playful feeling and an unusual, specific interior.
  3. Forever white — the classics will always be relevant. Painting rooms white allows varying with various interior styles – it will be the furniture and accessories that will dominate, rather than the color. This approach allows creating some 3-5 different interior styles.

Inspiration as the driving force

Experts, in selecting the colors for each year, follow the global news. Usually these are events in the political or economic sphere, climate changes or issues of human rights. This year the world was taken over by a virus. This has made people seek shelter in nature’s calming lap, both in spending more time in nature and in changing their habits and thinking about solutions that are better for the environment. The color shades for the year also bring natural shades into the home, in combination with creative design elements this will refresh the house and give it a new breath of life.

The color shades for the year selecting by the leading paint manufacturers and designers are different, but the basic principles for the suggested changes are similar. This year, for your interior you should select:

  • nature shades,
  • a peaceful and stable base shade with light and warm accents,
  • bold combinations of spaces, lines and geometric figures.

Tikkurila Sky Blue

For the color shade of this year, the paint manufacturer Tikkurila chose Y354 Cumulus, whose peaceful, light blue shade reflects the feeling of hope and symbolizes a brighter tomorrow. This shade inspires hope and asks people to participate in creating a better tomorrow, it creates a sense of peace and stability that has been so lacking during the past months. In nature, cumulus clouds signify warm and clear weather. Y354 Cumulus will fit in almost any interior – combine it with wood or add pink, orange or green accents.

Finding inspiration in beautiful sunsets and the varied world of flowers and plants, Tikkurila has created a collection of 10 matching shades Color Now, which also includes this year’s trend Y354 Cumulus. You only have to choose – ask for a specific shade in the shop and introduce a touch of nature in your own home.

Pantone pebble grey and sunshine yellow

The grey shade is the most characteristic for Latvia – rainy grey summer days and grey autumn evenings when people in grey raincoats rush through the streets. Pantone selected 17-5104 Ultimate Grey as the year’s shade, combining it with the sunnily yellow 13-0647 Illuminating and not letting us sink into depression. The pebble grey inspires thoughts of equanimity and endurance, while the contrasting yellow color brings light and hope.

The practical 17-5104 Pantone Ultimate Grey in pairing with the warm yellow 13-0647 Pantone Illuminating allows creating both cozy and ascetically elegant combinations.  Paint large, contrasting areas, use design objects for accents – the new interior is in your hands!

Sadolin nature brown and Caparol beige

Sadolin have also recognized that the acceptance of the unexpected changes requires courage and stability, and selected Brave Ground as the year’s shade, offering four easy-to-use color palettes for combination: expressive, reliable, forever elegant and earth shades.

Brave Ground is a warm and neutral shade that allows creating bold combinations. Look into the Sadolin expressive shade palette, for example, Brave Ground together with E7.10.53 and C0.10.60 or the more saturated A5.33.39, and renew the environment around you.

Brave Ground wonderfully highlights the earth shade palette, for example, E7.10.53, S2.18.28 and T1.23.25, moreover, these colors excellently match with wood furniture and house plants. Blueish-green, green and brown shades create our internal garden where we can refresh ourselves when we cannot be in nature.

Caparol, on the other hand, once again nominated beige as this year’s color – namely, CLAY BEIGE Siena 10, DUNE BEIGE Palazzo 110 and HONEY BEIGE Palazzo 220.

Caparol stresses the unchanging elegance of these shades, and, in addition to the colors of last year, have created new shade combinations that demonstrate the variety of the beige color.


The classic black and white

If saturated nature tones is not what you want right now, choose unchanging classic values – the contrast of black and white. This combination will never go out of style. It is a stable value that allows creating bold interior solutions and highlights any accent.

The right shade in the right place

When implementing changes, you need a reliable partner that you can always trust. The “Krāsu Serviss” consultants know everything about color and paint and will help you understand if the selected share really is the best one, if it will fit into the existing interior and be able to refresh and supplement it, whether the function of the color is suited to the room that you wish to transform. “Krāsu serviss” has been working in the field of paint and color for 20 years, during this time we created both the retail chain DIRECT, and the only full-fledged paint online shop in Latvia We have helped to bring to life both large construction projects and private houses and apartments – we are ready for everything.

The basis of the growth of SIA “Krāsu serviss” is a close cooperation with the experts in the field. One of our most trusted partners is the designer Anda Ozoliņa. She recommends – prior to painting the entire wall, try out 3-4 shade variants on it, using each to paint approximately a square meter. The same tone can look different in different rooms and lighting, and this method will help you understand which tone is the most appropriate. For this purpose you can purchase a small volume of any shade of any brand in the online shop or the warehouse-shop DIRECT, allowing you to experiment without excessive expenses. If you want to find the right shade without hurrying, use the option of renting the shade catalog.

Ordering colors online is very simple – choose the required product, select the shade and leave the rest to us! If you need advice, contact the experts – they know everything about color!

For people that care about the environment and ecological products, we recommend choosing paints with the ECO/VOC-free label since they contain almost no organic volatile compounds.

The designer of your own home

Becoming the designer of your own home is simple – find inspiration online, search for useful information in the online shop section “Tips for Painting” , follow the recommendations of the designers and ask our team for advice. Receive expert consultation by writing to .

Let nature into your home, create a peaceful atmosphere that is penetrated by light and hope – and do all of that by using high-quality paints in the most beautiful shades!